Our Location


Where We Grow

The vineyard site is  at 1,500 feet elevation.  The soil is well drained coarse sandy loan of the Sierra series.  These mineral rich soils are high in iron content, derived from decomposed Granite that endows the wines with unique layers of flavor. Our micro climate is truly unique, in the afternoons like clockwork, a gentle cooling breeze washes over the vineyard; and at night cool pine scented currents flow down from the high country, a condition that influences the deep hue we get in our syrahs. At Sentinel Oak Vineyard we are water conscious and our drip irrigation not only saves water, but puts water where it is needed. 


How We Grow

We apply the best sustainable farming practices to promote vine health and balance with the natural environment. A vertical trellis system is employed that opens the leaf canopy, to improve light and air flow. Thus, promotes vine health and superior fruit ripening.